C-130 Hercules Landing Gear Collapse Hard Runway (no foam)

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This video shows yet again that the 150, 000 pound C-130 needs a softer landing gear--either tracks or an Air Cushion Landing System (ACLS) so it can land without need of hard, prepared runways as standard practice. 1:144 scale model of the Bell modified XC-8A Buffalo with Air Cushion Landing System (ACLS) is now available! ACLS is a vital land-anywhere capability--to include water that is long overdue by someone with some desire to live up to LTG Gavin's "cow pasture" transport landing capabilities to land on water and on land even if the surface is uneven and not paved.... American air power to "be all it can be" it must be weaned off hard runways and huge static target air bases by STOL "cow pasture" aircraft as LTG Gavin realized in 1947 in his book, "Airborne Warfare": time the C-130 crew got away unharmed but the next time we may suffer tragedy. Its high time we stop living off the laurels of past technical means and start making progress.As an aside, why don't runways have automatic foam sprayers built into the edges so aircraft that crash land can have any fires prevented in the first place? Smart Germans Save Airliner with Foam Runway must a 1960s children's TV show THUNDERBIRDS have a better idea than the so-called "experts" today? Watch Virgil land Thunderbird 2 and see the automatic runway firefighting equipment put into action: needs to imitate art A-S-A-P.Want to know more? Our book, "Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century" is ONLINE for FREE skyjacked by Google!

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