Травматический пистолет ЕРМА-РРТ. Less Lethal Walther PP.

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«ЕРМА РРТ». Травматическая версия пистолета «Walther PP». A less lethal pistol «PP-T» produced by «ERMA-INTER», located in Kiev, UKRAINE. The «Erma PP-T» is a clone of the legendary «Walter PP» pistol. The model «Erma PP-T» 9mm P.A. is specially made for the active self-defense and home defense because the rubber bullets have a lower stopping power (muzzle energy of 35J & 50J). The use of gas and noise rounds is also possible with manual reload. The injurious effect is provoked by a pain shock at hitting with a rubber ball of 10.2 mm diameter and weight of 0.7 gram. Effective range - up to 7 meters. Aluminum frame, steel slide and parts of firing mechanism, heavily loaded in shooting, make the pistol durable and extend its service life.Full review -Полный обзор тут -Обсуждение тут -МЫ В СОЦИАЛЬНЫХ СЕТЯХ (TRAVMATIK in Social Media)==========================Группа в Facebook --Группа ВКонтакте --Группа в ОДНОКЛАССНИКАХ --Страница в Facebook --Канал в YouTube -ЖЖ - ФИД -ОФИЦИАЛЬНЫЙ САЙТ -НАШ ФОРУМ -

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